The Community of Practice is made up of local and regional health offices as well as professionals who meet to discuss the exchange of health information. There will be HMIS experts, IT experts with HIS experience, data scientists, health and health-related policymakers, academics with HIS and/or interoperability experience, and others. The Ethiopian Ministry of Health is in charge of coordination, with assistance from the UoG-team.  The interoperability community of Practice encourages its members to include and articulate health information exchange at local and regional levels.

Principles Interoperability CoP Governance

  • Inclusive and participatory, allowing different healthcare communities to be involved in the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of healthcare interoperability.
  • Transparency is encouraged, and information about actions related to health information exchange and performance is made available.
  • It is accountable to the community and committed to standardizing healthcare delivery systems.
  • It intends to be a driving force in the standardization and creation of value in healthcare


  • MOH shall Identify gaps that pose difficulties toward digital health information exchange and interoperability
  • The MoH and TWG construct a framework for Monitoring and evaluating and provide ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • TWG shall create conference manuals and supporting materials

Governance body

  • An Ethiopian CoP Steering committee (“The Core Committee”) shall be established as the governing and decision-making body for the CoP digital information exchange and interoperability.
  • The community of practices will be governed and housed within the Ministry of Health.
  • The committee will have bi-annual meetings and the actions will be reviewed and approved.
  • The committee will consist of representatives from the Ministry of Health, regional health offices, stakeholders, higher education institutions, and health informatics and related professionals.
  • The committee will be in charge of overseeing the MoH’s digital information exchange framework and interoperability standards.
  • The governance body will track and resolve issues related with the digital health information exchange and interoperability raised in the community.
  • A coordinator will be selected from among the TWG members to lead the group,
  • A secretary will be provided by the MoH to work closely with the coordinator/TWG to manage the group’s activities.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the CoP for digital health information systems and interoperability
  • The governing body will recommend that health institutions create a strategic plan considering digital health information systems and interoperability.